Developing Your Page on Facebook for Internet Marketing

Artists wake up in the morning and laboriously practice their craft; the pianist running the scales and arpeggios on the keys; the guitarist plucking and picking the strings as he or she tries to gain more virtuosity; the drummer working on the rudiments as the sticks rattle the skin of the snare drum; and the singer working on the right notes by belting them out in the most melodic way possible. The audience does not know about these. They are prior to the moments under the bright lights. They only know the artist when they are up on stage in all their glory.

But today musicians need to be versatile. The playing field and competition has grown exponentially. Artists need to be creative and unique. And with Facebook being one of the hot spots for exposing music to the large stage, developing a Facebook band page is a must.


Facebook has millions of users. They go through the site sharing random 9gag images or vines. These give them that brief moment of happiness to fulfill their existential needs. But for musicians, shouldn’t the artists be the ones making life bearable? Yes, as a matter of fact, they should. This is also the best way the universe can know you and your music exists.

Developing the band page means efficiently making it visible in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and other search engine websites. For it to be found in the vast ocean of the internet, the content must be relevant and reliable. How can one do this?

First off, having the right name for your page would be the best option. If the band’s name is as generic as “the windows” or “red jacket” then do not expect the best results. A plethora of links about glass panes and leather would be the most probable outcome for that. Having the right name makes the page one of a kind. With that, Facebook can generate a unique url for the page, which will make it easier for Google to locate it.

When that is finished the next step is to develop the content. This is the part where most artists have problems with. A lot of them neglect updating their site. Bands leave their page dormant for months or, sometimes, even years. Make the page as effective as possible; bands should have an active page. Make sure that the descriptions are present such as band members, history and tour dates. And it does not stop there. Facebook streams a lot of the content on its users’ newsfeed. If there are likes already, even just the ones from your buddies and your mom, it is very important to keep posting updates regarding the band and its activities. Constantly updating the band page will give more chances to get noticed by people. When they like the status updates, they share it on their page for others to see. If the ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ increase, the more relevance it gets as a page on the web; hence, better chances to be seen on Google.

The next one is a stretch but, again, bands need to be flexible. As much as possible, bands should try to come up with articles on their Facebook page. SEO firms do this by writing content for a certain company or business on their website. Content, specifically text, is needed on the website because search engines use keywords to get results. Other artists do this as well for their official website. But the Facebook note can give the band page some exposure. Which is why having those relentless reviews or daily musings of the members can do some good for the band. Putting up songs and videos of the band’s latest songs or shows are already an essential. But like good music, the key to get more attention on the internet is to develop good content for your page.